Radiant Light Heater

Introduction: Radiant Light Heater

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Low volt radiant heating

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Step 2: Preparing the Lid

Place the lids on top of each other.
Drill two holes on either side.
pop rivet them together.

Step 3: Mounting the Light

Place the light on top of the lid and drill two pilot holes.
Flip over and drill multiple holes to let light pass through.
Drill a hole to feed bulb wires through.
Screw down light and feed wires through hole.

Step 4: Preparing Altoids Can

Drill or cut holes for your switches.
Drill two holes left and right for wires.

Step 5: Wiring Altoids Can

Connect one wire to both switches and feed out bottom of can.
Connect black wire to bulb and feed through can.
Connect red wire to one switch and bulb.
Connect white wire to bulb and other switch.
Tape wires together to get a clean look.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Screw top onto mason jar.
Stack pots on top.
Attach to battery source.
Flip one switch for low light.
Flip the other for bright light and heat.

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