Radiation Protecting Case

Introduction: Radiation Protecting Case

As a school project we had to work with corrugated cardboard box and make a product that has a relation to the product that was protected by this box.

I chose to work with a laptop box

Technology has transformed how we live. Using a smartphone, a computers or an iPad's is an everyday activity. But, this kind of technology is know for it's radiation. Research hasn't yet proven that every kind of radiation is harmful but there are conditions (like EHS) that show it can have various effects on humans.

This is why I decided to create a solution!

I based my concept on a Faraday cage, an enclosure formed by conductive material (or by a mesh of such material), used to block electric fields.

Note that this is only a concept and not fully functional!
I tested the concept with my phone and lost connection to WIFI.

This can be used on every box (iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphones,...)

Step 1: Materials Needed

This is all you need:

  • Laptop box (Duh!)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Cutter knife
  • Tape
  • Aluminum foil

Step 2: The Box

Empty the box

Step 3: First Layer: Bottom

Place a piece of aluminum foil from side to side and over the edges

Tape these to the box and to each other

Make sure you flatten the foil in the corners

You can cut of the excess foil at the edge

Cut an incision on the top of the edges so you can close the box (use a cutter knife)

Step 4: First Layer: Top

Fill the corners again

Don't cut the edges but tape them to the top of the box

Cover the top of the box and tape everything in place

Step 5: Second Layer

When the first layer is finished you can place the inside of the box back

In this case the place for the laptop was removable so I could take it out and work a little more comfortable

Fill the inside with aluminum foil and tape everything in place

Place it back in the box

Connect the bottom and top by filling the top with foil

Step 6: How to Use

Place your laptop inside

Close both layers

That's it!

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