Introduction: Radiator/Inter-cooler Mister

This is a tutorial on how to make a radiator/inter-cooler mister for you car or truck. The purpose of this a radiator/inter-cooler mister is to help keep the car cool and from over heating. If your car or truck has continuous overheating problems a radiator mister will not fix the problem. You likely have an issue with your car that needs to be fixed. This is not an install unfortunately as I currently do not have a garage to work in and the weather at the time I am doing this is -20F outside so for now this will show how to set it up and work inside. Not all the parts that are listed need to be used when installing this on your vehicle but will be listed as optional parts.

The kit that I am using I bought off of amazon for a little over $18 dollars and it is a universal windshield washer kit.

Link to video of it working and me explaining how it works.

Step 1: Parts That Are Needed

The kit comes with most things needed but you will have to buy a few extra parts

x2 two long wires of 20 gauge wire (preferably one red wire and one black wire)

x1 button

x1 button bracket

x2 big self tapping screws

x2 small self tapping screws

x1 T connector*

x1 union connector*

x2 spray nozzles*

x1 washer fluid bottle with pump

x1 washer bottle bracket

x1 washer fluid hose

x2 hose holders

x1 water pump connector

x2 crimp connector

x2 disconnects female

x2 ring connectors

extra parts to test it

x1 cigarette lighter plug*

x1 battery jump pack*

*Optional parts to use

Not everything that is in this list is needed and is up for you to decide how you want it

I needed to buy a different button as the one that came with the kit was broken

Step 2: Tools Needed

x1 electrical tape

x1 wire cutter/crimper

x1 Philips head screw driver

x1 screw gun

Step 3: Strip the Wires

Strip the ends of the wire insulation on all the wires about 1/4 of an inch so that wires are bare

Step 4: Crimp the Red Wire

Crimp the red wire with a female connector and crimp one end of the 20 gauge wire with the female connector

Step 5: Crimp the Blue Wire

Crimp the blue wire with one of the crimp connector and then the other 20 gauge wire so that they are connected.

Step 6: Wire in the Switch

You will take the red wire and the 20 gauge wire that you put the female connector on and connect them to the switch.

Step 7: Connect the Pump

Connect the wires to the pump. At this point the red wire should be going to the switch with one of the 20 gauge wires connected to the other side of the switch and the blue wire should be connected directly to one of the 20 gauge wires.

Step 8: Connect the Hose

Connect one end of the hose to the pump and the other end to the nozzle. Make sure they are on as far as they can go so they seal and hold securely.

Step 9: Connecting It to the Cigarette Lighter Plug

Start by twisting the wires of the plug with the 20 gauge wire together then wrap them with electrical tape. This is only to hold the wires together temporarily as I am not installing this on my car at this time. This would usually be the point to add a fuse to one of the wires then put a ring connector on each end of the wires. I also did not add a fuse to this as there is a fuse inside of the lighter plug. This step isn't necessary but as I stated at the beginning of this I could not properly demonstrate installing this on my car on my car as it is far to cold outside to do this.

Step 10: Testing It

Start by filling the washer fluid bottle with water. Once you have it filled 1/4 of the way full you can stop. Make sure to place the nozzle in the sink, you may want to hold on to it as the pump has some power to it. Now plug in the cigarette lighter plug to your battery jump pack. All you have to do is press the button and watch it spray.

Step 11: Parts Used to Install on Vehicle

This kit came with most of the parts needed but no instructions on what the parts are used for so at this point I will show you what each part is and what it is for.

Step 12: The Washer Fluid Bottle Bracket

Before you install this you want to find a place in the engine compartment that will have room for the reservoir. Once you have found that place you need to mount the bracket in place and make sure it is secure. Once that is done you can mount the reservoir on the bracket.

Step 13: Washer Line Holder

These are to hold the hose in place from the tank to the nozzles. They are screwed into place with the small self tapping screws.

Step 14: Button Mount

You mount this somewhere in the interior of your car or truck using the self tapping screws provided in the kit. After that you put the button into the mount and use the lock washer and small nut to hold it in place.

Step 15:

The T connector is only used if you use both sprayers. All you have to do is cut two pieces of the washer hose and connect them to each side of the T connector and the main line to the middle of the connector.

The union connector is used if you are going from two sprayers back to only 1. Just connect the two cut hoses to this and it will turn it back into one line.