Introduction: Radio Control Cat Post

I have made cat post for years, But this is a new twist on it,

Remote control, Left and right,

I started with just the car on it's side on the top of a pole,

The better RC you cant get, More fun YOU are gonna have, Oupps the CAT'S are gonna have, :)

This cheap model had two motor control independently, The remote has no speed control, just on off, and foreword and back, ,

More power and better response would improve mind, Better RC would solve this, :)

But still cat's love it,


This Cat Post is Made of a :

* recycle Kid's toy RC car,

* Broken coat stand,

* A long wood pole

* And yes a Cat toy,

Step 1: Chosing Wood and Gluing

First you need to decide how the head of the post is gonna look like,

The component off your RC may be different,

I took discarded plywood, Glue them,

I cut them with a jig on my table saw,

Step 2: The Head

So depending on the model RC,

Bild a space for the component,

The part that spin's on top as one of the wheel rim of the RC, I t was easy-er that way, :)

Step 3: Battery Compartment,

The RC i used had a drawer type battery holder,

I cut just what i needed from the RC so I could re-use the drawer in my cat post,

Step 4: The Post

The post is made of a broken Coat post,

I haded a new top section,

The Cat Post can be use indoor out outdoor,

There is a pick that can be screwed on the bottom,

Step 5: The Remote

The RC had two motor, two lever,

But I only need one, The remote is now on it's side way in my new box,

One lever only, I ca be used left and right instead of forward and backward,

Step 6: Not the Most Action Cat Video, But They Do Like It, :)

Step 7: Tank's for Watching :)