Introduction: Radio Head

This idea started out as building a device to help the user locate their keys or any other small items, similar to the function of a tile or devices like it. I wanted to see how much I could shrink the technology and still have it function effectively.

Materials (for all versions):

Arduino UNO Boards x2

Arduino Nano Boards x2

Arduino power cables (UNO/Nano) x2

One way radio transmitter/receiver pair

Two way Transmitter/receiver hybrid

Arduino IDE software

Wire (standard plus male-female) 15-20

Step 1: V1

The initial version used small radio transmitters and an arduino uno board. While the devices worked independently, open channel radio was not consistent enough to send and receive the signal as intended.

Step 2: V2

Version 2 used more complex, two-way transmitters as opposed to the simpler transmitters used previously. These were able to send more sustainable signals and I was able to adjust the messages sent while also guaranteeing their destination as the one receiver I programmed.

Step 3: V3

Version 3 focused on scaling down the technology. Using a smaller arduino and a smaller breadboard, while transferring over the same transmitter and receiver. While version 3 of both devices functioned as intended as individuals, connection was not established between the two devices.