Introduction: Radio Transmitter With 9 Channels

Radio Transmitter

IN this instructable i am gonna show you how i make my own cheap radio transmitter with nrf24lo1 module with amplified antenna

To make this project here is the part list

Part List :-

sr no Quantity name

1 1 atmega328p AU version

2 1 FTTDI module for programming

3 1 16 mhz crystal resonator and two 22 pf capacitor

4 2 analog joystick modules

5 2 push buttons

6 1 nrf24lo1 module with amplified antenna

7 1 3.3v voltage regulator (AMS 3.3) with decoupling capacitor

8 1 Tp4050 module for charging the lipo battery

9 1 3.7v lipo battery

10 1 boost converter to provide 5v for arduino and voltage regulator

11 1 LED and current limiting resistor

now you must have soldering equipments for joining the parts together and for making the box of controller i use thermoplastic board and cut it into designed shape and then joining it through super glue then i make a rectangular shape of board and making indentation for joystick, buttons, charging , programming headers and antenna then after placing individual component in its right place i use thin wires to make the connections

Step 1: Making the Board

now after that gathering all the components you need and then placing each component at its place and make sure that the components fit correctly and should'nt loose after join the vcc and gnd pins for all the modules of joystick and also add a pull up resistors for the buttons the arduino can work on 3.7v lipo battery but the drop across the voltage regulator is larger then 0.7v so that after checking the voltage at 3.3v it shows 2.7v which is not good so i have decided to use a step up module that will boost the output to 5v connect the TP4050 with the usb jack and battery actually i have many usb jack lane around so i have decided to use one and surely i have to make an appropriate cable for it and at last add female header for programming so add a capacitor between reset pin and dtr pin but make sure the value must be less then 4.7uf for programming the board i have to use a fttdi module that is very cheap after selecting 5v on its jumper , connect it to computer and upload the transmitter code and make sure that you use same transmitting and recieving address must be same and also add a decoupling capacitor to the 3.3v and gnd pin of nrf24 because at max power of transmitting the module produces current spikes which can be leads to damaging the module itself

Step 2: Soldering Wires

now soldering thin wires to the front panel of the board and then after close the box with nuts and bolts i will put the code in this tutorial don't worry i comment all lines in the code so you understand it easily and make sure to firstly install the nrf24 library to arduino ide and then selecting the com port hit the upload button and also check with serial.println(data.pot),etc if values are output correctly

Step 3:

so this is the final product it will not looks perfectly but it will get he job done so you see that it is compact light weight and easy to use and you could easily change the uploaded code any time and also it is very cheap because the component price is not more then 2 to 3 $ if you enjoying watching this instructable then please do share and like and i have also working on many projects so stay tuned for that and also comment me that what you want me to do next

Thanking you