Introduction: Ragnaros the Firelord Lamp

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This tutorial will show you how to make Ragnaros lamp using 3D printing.

Step 1: What Do You Need

You're gonna need

  • 3D printer obivously! I used PRUSA MK2
  • PLA filament or any other material you're used to print with
  • 3D model (You can buy here)
  • Simplify3D or any other slicing software you're comfy with
  • Lights, you can use any light source that will fit your print - I'm using candlelike IKEA light
  • Glue
  • Melting gun
  • Pliers
  • Banana
  • Snap-off knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Lighter - to get rid off little plastic strings

Step 2: Slicing/printing

You can scale it as you wish as it's high resolution model. Same goes for the settings (completely up to you - depends on your printer/material).

I printed it with 0.2 mm layer, 15% infill, 3200 mm/min speed, of PLA.

Just place the parts on the flat surface if there is one, if not, try to set the object nicely for printing.

Examples in screenshots.

There will be a lots of supports as it's hollow coz we want to light it up.

I used PLA - Crystal clear and Vertigo galaxy filament from fillamentum.

Step 3: Printing

Here are photos of few parts on the printer

Step 4: Cleaning Your Print

Just take your pliers/sometimes screwdriver/knife and take out whatever doesn't belong there. Use lighter to clean tiny plastic strings/ that sometimes appears on the print. I recommend to start from the distance and then start getting closer and closer. You dont want to burn your print. So carefull

Step 5: Banana Time

Now! mortals. After the hard work, enjoy your banana!

Step 6: Assembling

After you took off all the supports, it's time to cleanse him with holy light. Or any other light source. That can be a little tricky! You have to glue the little parts. Now put/glue the lights in each of the transparent parts and then glue it together (I used glue/melting gun). It's realy is up to you where do you put the lights and what lights you use. I'd love to see your results. So if you're willing to share, please upload a photo/vid of your Ragnaros the Firelord lamp here.

Step 7: YouTube: How To

Here's a How To Youtube video.

Step 8: Whole Print Option

Ofcourse you can print the whole thing at once but its hard to make the light go through the whole thing up to top. This version is more suitable for "easy small lamp" or if you want to paint the figure (first image is work in progress - I'll update when it's done).