Introduction: Rain Catcher

In this Instuructables, I will show you how to make a rain catcher. You might be wondering, why would I make this? Well, I will tell you. Let's say you are on an island and all the water is salty, so you can't drink it or you can, but it tastes really bad. This gadget will collect rain water to drink. But you might think, I should just put out a cup to collect rain water. Well, this gadget has flaps on it so it will make it a lot easer to catch rain water. So are you in? If so, let's get started.



2. plastic bottle

3. knife

4. pin/ maker

Step 1: Step 1. Cut Top the Off the Bottle.

Step 2: Step 2. Make Lines 1 In. Apart All Around the Bottle With Your Marker/ Pen.

Don't cut all the way down the bottle, leave about 2 in. to the bottom.

Step 3: Step 3. If Your Flaps Won't Stay Down, Use a Lighter to Melt the Plastic So They Will Stay Down

Be careful you might burn your self or you might melt the plastic too much.