Introduction: Rainbow

In this instructable, I will show you how to draw a rainbow with markers

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

The first step to making a rainbow is to gather your supplies. what you will need: markers in the colors of red,Orange, yellow, Green, blue, purple,and black. remember the colors will be darker than they appear on the caps. next get a piece of paper. The size of my paper is 6 by 7in, but you can use any size you want that card stock,Bristol, or mixed-media paper. (This is suggested so markers don't bleed)

Step 2: Begin Inserting Color

First, draw a red arch on your paper wit the broad tip of your marker. Leave a little space on the edges of the paper, because we will insert clouds later.

Step 3: Add Orange

Now make an Orange arc directly under the red arc with your orange marker.make be sure to use the broad tip. If there are any gaps between the two colors make sure to fill-in with orange on the fine tip of your marker in the gap.

Step 4: Add the Other Colors

Now add the colors yellow ,Green ,blue, and purple, in that order, the same way I instructed you on the colors red and orange. Make sure not to let the yellow marker mix with the other markers. Then pencil in the clouds you want to draw on your picture.

Step 5: Trace Over Clouds

Now, trace over the penciled out clouds, with your black marker. Make sure that you are using the fine tip, not the wide one. After you finished tracing over the pencil marks erase any pencil marks that still show.

Step 6: Add Extras (optional)

Now that you're finished the basic rainbow, you may add any extras you like. I used a pot of gold, but you can use anything you want. Remember erase all your extra pencil marks off the drawing, so it looks clear and crisper

Step 7: Sign It

This is the final and most important step, signing your name. You can sign your whole name, but I just signed my artist mark.