Introduction: Rainbow Acryl Wallclock

Constructing something can be fun. Custom made to suit your taste and design, you color choice etc. I made one for my bedroom using acryl granules. I used almost all the colors in a their brightest shades.

It took me less than an hour and when mounted on my white walls it seemed to have added a deep dimension to the whole room.

Step 1: Materials:

Granules in your favorite colors..

a cake tin - any preferred shape

aluminium foil

a clockwork: I bought a wall clock from ikea, very cheap for 2 bucks. Dismantled the clockwork.

Step 2: Melting the Granules

line the tin pan with aluminium foil....just in case to prevent any molten granules sticking to the tin base.

Pour in the granules in approximately the pattern you wish your finished clock plate to be in.

Decide your thickness- after the granules melt the layer will be slightly lower than the unmelted one.

I chose around 0.5 cm thickness.

Place a small hole(empty space) in the center of around one finger circumference. This is where your clockwork will fit in....but that comes in later!

put it into the preheated oven and bake for around 20 min at 110C. Maybe the melting time differs from brand to brand...follow the instructions of your manufacturer.

Step 3: Making the Rainbow Dial

Take out the pan and let it completely cool.

Turn it around on a suft surface or underlying cloth and give it a gentle tap. the clock plate should fall out along with the aluminium foil.

gently peel off the aluminium foil. The foil could remain stuck in places but don't worry no one will notice it., that is going to be the back side of the clock. Also since the crystals are translucent a bit of foil in the background adds a good shimmer effect to it.

If you need digits you can mark with a permanent marker or Glitter glue.

Step 4: Assembling the Clockwork

Probably the pellets have melted and covered up the center hole. No worries.

The layer covering the hole is extremely thin. You can easily dig a hole with any sharp instrument like pointed knife.

Fit in the clockwork thru the center.

You could stick a U hook or even an half cut paper clip instead ,with hot glue gun to mount it on the wall.

The Wallclock is ready.

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