Introduction: Rainbow Candle

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This pretty rainbow candle can be scented and make the entire rainbow

Step 1: Materials

Paraffin wax

Candle wick


Candle dyes

Double boiler

Scented oils

Step 2: Steps

Place a large pot on a burner
Place another smaller pot in the middle
Pour water in the large pot until it reaches the middle of the small pot
Boil the water until it is 180F
Pour the paraffin wax in the smaller pot
Let it melt and add the dye
When it has completely melted add the scented oil
Get your mold ready and place the candle wick in the middle with the tip of the wick twisted on a stick
Pour the melted wax in the mold
When the first layer is completely solid add the next layer of wax

Step 3: Candle Mold

You do not need to oil your mold
The candle will slip out
When the candle is ready squeeze the sides of the mold
Take the stick away and snip the wick to the desired length

Step 4: Results

Enjoy your handmade rainbow candle

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