Introduction: Rainbow Cube Coaster


In this instructable you will see how to make on of these cool Rainbow Cube Coasters - ready to hold cups of many sizes.

They could be made with various different alternating patterns, instead of just a simple checkerboard pattern - they could even be at random heights to give more of an effect.

They are simple to make only needing:

  • 25 Wooden Cubes
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Wood Glue.

In fact, what I just said above is the entire materials step.

They are so simple to make that this instructable is only 3 steps (including this one!) Have an afternoon to spare? Why not sit down, relax and make a rainbow cube coaster!

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Thanks :D

Step 1: Rainbow Painting

Crack open those paints and get painting. Be sure to follow the pattern shown in the pictures as you paint them.

They will most likely need a second coat. Possibly even a third - this all depends on the thickness of your paints.

After they are all painted it should look something like the second picture when they are assembled.

Step 2: Rainbow Assembly

This is yet an even easier step to complete.

Get your glue and stick the cubes together so they form the pattern you desire. The trick to this is to do it with them standing up and build a staircase like structure. This is shown in the photos.

After they are glued into the pattern. Leave them to dry for a day and it should be as solid as your coffee mug.

That's it, You're done!

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