Rainbow Dragon!

Introduction: Rainbow Dragon!

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Rainbow Dragon! I'm entering this into the NYX Face Awards and I would love it if you could click like on the video and help me to the top 30! Thank you! =) If not that's ok, I hope you still enjoy! <3 Tell me what you think!

Step 1: Latex Horns

First I made latex horns.
use air dry clay to shape the horns, let that dry. Then power the horns with baby powder, then place liquid latex on top and let it dry. Do 4 to 5 layers of latex then add more powder. Then gently peel off.

Step 2: Place the Horns

place your horns where you want, add some liquid latex and put them on top, then go around the edges to help blend them into your head.

Step 3: Base

sketch out your hole placements then fill in with white. I used the nyx jumbo pencil in Milk.

Step 4: Rainbow

Then taking different shadow shades fill in your rainbow. be sure to blend the colors together. I used different nyx shadows.

Step 5: Scales

using different color body paint and a few colored liquid eyeliner I made the scales. I used wolfe face paint and nyx eyeliner. make the scales small around the eyes and gradually get bigger.

Step 6: Details

I also used brown shadows (two to three different shades) to make depth ibn the holes. I also added a line around to make the skin looked raised.

I also filled in my eye lid with a blue eye crayon, then gave myself a winged eyeliner with blue eyeliner, add used blue mascara.

after that I took some black to deepen my shadows.

Step 7: Dark Makeup

I filled in my lips with gray, then I got black eyeshadow, then I added phone glitter to my lid, then I used black eyeliner and black mascara.

Step 8: Body

repeat the same steps, only make the scales bigger! done!

Step 9:

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    3 years ago

    I'm speechless. This is literally the best makeup I've ever seen.


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    Awwwewww thanks! =)


    4 years ago

    LOVE it!


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