Introduction: Rainbow Dyed Wall Hanging

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There aren't many things that I love more than rainbows and textured wall hanging... so bringing those two obsessions was inevitable. I used leftover macrame rope for this project and had such a fun time playing around with paint colors. Materials listed below (affiliate links included).

Cotton Rope:


Spray bottle:

Step 1: Knot Rope on Dowel

Using a basic macrame knot, tie your rope onto the dowel. (Fold the rope in half, drape folded end of rope over the dowel, and pull the ends of the rope through the loop and pull it taught around the dowel.) The number of strands will depend on the desired width of your wall hanging. Unravel the twisted rope for a shaggier feel.

Step 2: Trim and Spray

Trim the ends of your rope and place the wall hanging onto paper towels spread out over protective plastic. Spray the bottom 12 inches with water until the rope is damp but not soaking.

Step 3: Paint Dye Onto Rope

Pour a little bit of the first color into a cup and dilute at least 1:2 with water (the more water you add, the less saturated the color will be). Paint the dye onto the rope and alternate with the spray bottle to help the rope better absorb the color.

Repeat with a second color. For a watercolor feel, overlap the two colors and spray with water to help the colors mix together.

For this rainbow version, I finished the color spectrum by diluting the final pink color more and more until it was completely clear to blend into the raw rope.

Step 4: Let Dry and Hang

That's it! Let the wall hanging dry flat overnight and then hanging until completely dry. To hang, tie a length of rope to either end of the dowel!






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