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Introduction: Rainbow Fish

We collected our chocolate foil and Easter egg wrappings and created something with them, they're so colourful and eye-catching they make the perfect holiday craft material. Here's our Rainbow Box Fish. We gave an old box some fins, a tail, fish lips, an egg carton eye and of course rainbow coloured foil wrapping scales. To connect our materials we used Makedo available at mymakedo.com

Step 1: Gather Materials

To make this beautiful rainbow fish, you will need a small box, some scrap cardboard or paper, some lolly wrappers or colourful paper, two egg carton segments and your Makedo parts!

Step 2: Poke Holes With Your Safe-saw

Using your Makedo Safe-saw, poke holes all over your box, a few cm’s apart.

Step 3: Attach Your Scales

Cut your chocolate wrappers or colourful paper into round scale shapes and secure in place with Makedo Re-clips. Start at the back and layer up towards the front of the fish. Cover your whole fish in the layers of scales as shown in the image.

Step 4: Draw Fish Parts

Draw some flippers and fins onto your scrap cardboard. You will need: A pair of lips; two flippers for either side of the fish; a fin for the top; a fin for the bottom; and a tail!

Step 5: Cut Out Parts With Tabs

Cut around your fin shapes making sure to leave a tab where it will attach to the body of your fish using Makedo Re-clips.

Step 6: Connect Your Parts

Connect the flippers, fins and eyes to your fish using Makedo Re-clips. We used a Makedo Lock-hinge so the flippers on the side can move!

Step 7: Complete With Eyes and Other Features

Your magical Rainbow Fish is complete! We covered some of the fins in colourful foil by bending it over our cardboard
shapes. We also drew on some fishy eyes! What does your Rainbow Fish look like? Share it with us at mymakedo.com

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Cheers Mario! Just checked out your Instructables - cool stuff. Especially love the Robot lamp!