Introduction: Rainbow Friendship Band

Rainbow is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of white light. Therefore , what better color to use than white with VIBGYOR. I have similarly used white thread as the border for this rainbow band.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • White woolen thread 1.5 m long
  • Colored threads - 7 colors of the rainbow - 1.5 m long each
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape

Step 2: The Loop

  • Fix all the threads on a table with a masking tape at the center of the thread where you need the loop
  • Make sure the white thread is at the left most position as we need to use the white colored thread for the loop
  • The second picture shows the forward knot and fourth picture shows the backward knot
  • For the loop, you need to use a forward knot and a backward knot alternatively
  • Total we need around 10 forward-backward knots

Step 3: How to Start Your Band

  • Fix the loop part to the table with a masking tape
  • Make sure the threads are arranged in the order you want
  • Do a forward knot (f-knot) and a backward knot (b-knot) to secure the loop

Step 4: The Borders

  • I have used white color as the border so the white thread has to remain at the sides at all times
  • When you do a f-knot, the thread moves right and in a b-knot, the thread moves left
  • First start at the left hand side of your band...... do a f-knot with the white strand, which makes the white the second strand and the purple goes to the left side...... but we want the white to remain at the sides..... so do a b-knot which makes the white strand to go back to the left most
  • Follow the same with the RHS.... here do a b-knot first then a f-knot

Step 5: Row 1- Purple Row

  • Move the white threads to the sides
  • Start with the purple thread on the LHS..... Do a double f-knot with each of the threads till you finish with one red in the center
  • Now do from RHS...... do double b-knots with the purple thread till the center red
  • At this time you should have 2 purple threads in the center
  • Now do a f-knot and b-knot with the purple threads
  • Row 1 is done

Step 6: Row 2 - Indigo

  • Start with a f-knot and b-knot with the LHS white strand
  • Then do double f-knots with the indigo thread till the center purple
  • Then proceed to RHS...... b-knot and f-knot with the white thread then double b-knots with the indigo thread till you reach the center
  • When you have 2 indigo strands at the center, do a f-knot b-knot combination and row 2 is done

Step 7: Row 3 - Blue

  • Repeat

Step 8: Rows 4 - 7

  • One rainbow done

Step 9: Rows 8 Onwards

  • Do 3 more rainbows

Step 10: Finishing the Band

  • Finish it off with the white strand
  • You need to do double f-knots from LHS with the white thread till you reach the center and double b-knots from the RHS, center do a combo f-knot and b-knot and you are done!
  • Use all the threads and put a knot which will be pushed into the loop to secure on the hand
  • Trip the excess threads

Step 11: Finished Product

My daughter was eagerly waiting to put it on and the expression on her face was priceless when she wore it!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and try out all variations!

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