Introduction: Rainbow Headphone Covers

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There is nothing worse then being on the phone all day when the headphone covers on your headset are wearing out. To fix my headset woes I whipped up a new felted cover in about 5-10 min. It came out great and is even more comfortable then the original issue cover, I will be replacing the other one asap but this was done as an emergency repair.

Step 1: Measure Your Headphone

Measure your headphone(s), mine was just about 3 inches across. Mark out a rough guideline on some base fabric. I used Virgin Wool Felt but you might want to use something thinner like Silk Gauze if you don't want it to end up as padded.

Step 2: Layout Your Roving

I used roving that I dyed up in some mason jars for a rainbow of colors, you can check that out here --> Rainbow Roving (I got paid to make that tutorial but not this one)

Starting from the outside and working in, fill in your rough guides with roving.

Step 3: Felt Away!

This is the fun part where you get to stab stuff with needles. I used this Needle Felting Tool from Clover and Needle Felting Mat that it is made to work with. Stab away and take out all your frustrations (which will be a lot because having a bum headphone cover is very frustrating)

When everything looks good and felted pull your piece off the mat and just double check everything. If you are happy with it trim the circle out.

Step 4: Sew on the Cover

Using needle and thread stitch a basic running stitch around the edge of the circle (sorry I don't have a photo but there are lots of tutorials on this basic stitch)

Put the cover over your headphone and then draw in/gather the stitches so it snugs up around the headphone. Make a few stitches as needed to secure the cover (again no photo cause I did a quick and dirty job of this).

Test out your new headphone cover(s) for comfort and adjust as needed. Rock out with your rainbows!

Thanks for checking out my quick project.

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