Introduction: Rainbow Heart Painting

to be 100% honest I have no clue how to work this but ill try my best to show you what to do.

but on top of everything I'm going to try to make this fun for kid's and adult's alike!

so let's get this project going!


okay to start off your project here's what you'll need!

1: 10x8 canvas

1: pencil (for sketching out your painting)

3: (or more) paintbrushes of different sizes

1: solo cup

1: can of GLITTER intense shimmer finish

1: black trash bag

and last but certainly not least the COLORS!!!! what I used is

the color's I used are blue, green, pink, purple, red and yellow

Step 1: Strating Your Painting

to start off this project I took the solo cup and put it over the middle of the canvas ( making sure not to get red under the cup) I painted the canvas red then took the
GLITTER intense shimmer finish spray paint and put it over the already painted canvas (still making sure not to get red under the cup) then spray the shimmer finish make sure to cover the painting well

!WARNING! please use spray paint outside to avoid injury to you or other's also use a mask and gloves and let the painting dry outside

Step 2: Sketching the Heart

after letting the paint dry I took the solo cup off the painting then sketched out the heart

tip: sketching a drawing of what you want to paint is a good way of making sure you get the perfect end product

personally sketching out what I want to paint before painting it is a huge help for me to get what I want out of a painting and it,s fun!

Step 3: Painting the Heart

after sketching out what you like for the heart:
paint the inside of the circle black
then paint the heart rainbow (or however you like)
and you'll be done with this step

Step 4:

after letting the heart dry put the solo cup back over the circle to make sure that you don't get paint on the heart in the next step

what you'll need for the next step is your color's but add a little bit of water to each color to make the next step easier

Step 5:

after you add a little bit of water you will need your bigger brush
and what I did was after getting some paint on the brush I would hit the brush on my hand to cause the splatter as seen in the picture I repeated this with all 6 color's (or you can do it with more color's if desired)

Step 6: The Finished Project

after letting all the painting dry I took the cup off and added stars

for me, it's not even the end product it's the making of the painting that makes it fun to me

this is the end of the project thanks for your time and happy crafting! :)

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