Introduction: Rainbow Ice Cocktail

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Rainbow cocktail is awesome, but I don't have all the ingredients to make one, so I make this rainbow ice cube cocktail.

Step 1: What You Need

Colored ice cubes Ingredients

• Watermelon Smart
• Orange Mirinda
• Ywllow Gatorade
• Apple Mirinda
• Blue Gatorade
• Grape Mirinda

Cocktail Ingredients
Any colorless recipe will be fine. I chossed my favorite Gin&Tonic.


• Ice cube trays
• A mixing spoon
• A highball glass

Step 2: Make Colored Ice Cubes

Pour each beverage into a glass, stir or shake until the carbon dioxide runs out. This step is very important, The less bubble in the liquid, the more clear your ice cubes will be.
Fill ice tray with beverages. Place in the fridge for hours.
I forgot to take a photo of this step.

Step 3: Prepare the Liquid

Refrigerate the liquid in fridge. Mine was gin&tonic.
Choose any recipe you like.

Step 4: Place Ice Cubes

Get the colored cubes out of ice tray, put them into a high ball glass. Remember to follow the rainbow colors' order.

Step 5: Pour and Serve!

Get your liquid out of fridge, slowly pour into the high ball glass.
Now enjoy it!
Since the liquid is cold, the cubes won't melt very soon. you can see the ice crystal is still growing in several minutes.

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