Introduction: Rainbow Kaleidoscope

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This Instructable helps you to create a fabulous rainbow themed Kaleidoscope.

Reason to do: A small project to flex my muscles in DIY after a shot break of couple of years.

It gives a good perspective of our life! We all have the same stuffs inside us... but just altering the perspective and orientation makes way for n number of possibilities.

Caution: Children can try this only under an Adult's supervision


Mirror glass plane - 7 x 2.5 in - 3 Nos

Plain glass plane - 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 in - 2 Nos

Colorful Broken glass bangle pieces and beads - few Pc

Glue / glue gun (optional) - As required

Quilling Paper - 1 Pkt

Knife / Pair of Scissors - 1

Butter paper / tracing paper - 3 x 8 in - 1 Pc

Adhesive Tape (cello / duct / masking tape) (1 in width) - 1 Roll

Lint free cleaning cloth - 1 Pc

Nail polish Gloss (Clear nail polish) / quilling gloss - As required

Step 1: Make the Scope

1) Make sure the mirror planes are clean.

2) Hold the mirror planes in a perfect triangle (with the reflective surface inside).

3) Use glue gun to secure the mirrors in position.

4) Wind a layer of adhesive tape over the entire length of the scope.

5) The Scope is ready.

Step 2: Closing the End of the Scope

1) Clean the triangle glass pieces and one end of the scope.

2) Fix the triangle glass plane on the scope with the help of glue.

3) Add a layer of adhesive tape covering 1/4in from the edges.

Step 3: Decorative Fillers

Caution: Wear a pair of gloves for safety

1) Break a couple of colourful bangles.

2) Put a few medium sized glass bangles inside the scope from the open end.

3) If interested add a couple of beads / glass gems.

4) Close the open end of the scope with the triangle glass plane (refer the above step "Closing the end of the scope" ).

Step 4: Add a Diffuser Layer

1) Trace the outline of the scope on the butter / tracing paper.

2) Add 1/2in extra material on all the sides and cut 2 pieces off the butter paper.

3) Stick 1 of the cut-out butter paper on 1 end glass of the scope with glue.

4) Make a circular cut-out (Viewing port) on the other cut-out butter paper in the center.

5) Stick it on the other end glass of the scope with glue.

6) Clean the exposed glass if any glue stains are visible.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

1) Take 3-4 strips of each colours of the Rainbow (VIBGYOR) from the quilling paper packet.

2) Use glue to stick the quilling paper strips around the full length of the kaleidoscope.

3) Once the glue is completely dry. Apply a layer of Nail polish gloss or Quilling gloss to give a shiny effect.

P.S. - The Gloss also acts as a water proofing on the kaleidoscope when kids handle it with wet hands.

Step 6: Creative Designs

Enjoy the awesomestic views created by this Kaleidoscope!

Hope you get inspired to make it!


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