Introduction: Rainbow Lampshade

Today I am going to teach you how the make a rainbow lampshade using crayons. This is very easy and doesn't take to long to make. I hope you enjoy. I chose to make this because my plane lamp was boring.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

A plane white lampshade, 2 boxes of crayons, a picture of a person with an umbrella, mod podge, a heat gun, hot glue gun, scissors, and extra scrap paper.

Step 2: Glue Crayons to Lampshade

First you will need to remove the paper off of your crayons. To make it easier you can put some warm water and dish soap in a bowl and put your crayons in it until the wrappers start to come off. Then you need to take your glue gun and glue the crayons to the lampshade about 2 cm apart.

Step 3: Choose Picture

You need to choose a picture of someone holding an umbrella to glue to your lampshade. I chose to use Mary Poppins but you can use anything. Then cut it out and glue it to the lampshade. I used mod podge to give the picture a bit more to hold it on.

Step 4: Start Melting

The next step is to start melting your crayons. To do so you will need to put a piece of paper onto you picture so that the picture does not get covered in crayons. Next you will need to put your heat gun on medium (don't forget to put scrap paper under so that you do not stain your table). I tried to use a blow dryer my first time but it just blew all the colors together and mix them.

Step 5: Set and Finish

Finally you need to put mod podge over the whole lampshade so that the crayons do not keep melting. Put it on a lamp base and you are done!