Introduction: Rainbow Loom: Fish Tail Bracelet WITH Beads

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A Loom, 2 Pegs, a mini Loom, OR you could use 2 fingers
A hook
Rainbow Bands
A Clip (s-clip or c-clip)

Step 2: Placing Your Rainbow Bands

I'm going to be using my regular loom but you guys could use your regular loom, mini loom, pencils, or your 2 fingers(I don't recommend using your fingers cuz it might hurt)!
You only need 2 pegs. I like to use the bottom of my loom, if you're going to do what I do, you could take the middle column out or you could just leave it. IM GOING TO TAKE MY MIDDLE COLUMN OF PEGS OUT BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO!

Step 3:

Make sure that (if you hadn't taken your middle column of pegs out) that the red arrow is pointing directly AT YOU!

Now choose the color of rainbow bands you want. I'm going to use only white though. Make sure you also have your beads out now so that it would be easier to use later. The beads I'll be using are Black Pony Beads. You could use any kind of beads you want, as long as rainbow bands could fit through them.

Step 4:

Place a rainbow Band on your 2 pegs. Make sure you twist it first, forming a figure 8.

Step 5:

Now place the Rainbow bands like you would with a regular Fish Tail, 4 more times. Make sure you hook the Rainbow Bands the same as you would with a regular Fish Tail.

Step 6: Now Adding a Bead

After doing the last step, take a rainbow band and slide a bead into it! Now place it on the pegs and LOOM!

Step 7: Skip 2

After you placed the bead, continue like you would with a regular fish tail, NO BEAD. Do that with 2 rainbow bands. You might wanna give the end a tug, every now and then.

Step 8:

After placing the rainbow bands WITHOUT A BEAD, place a band WITH A BEAD. Then continue repeating steps 7 and 8 until you reached he desired length.

Step 9: Almost Done!

After getting to the desired length, place 3 more rainbow bands, hooking in between. Now take the top band off. Then take the side of the last Rainbow Band and place it on top of the other side. NOW ADD A CLIP TO THE TOP AND BOTTOM!

Step 10: ENJOY!!

Now your done! Your bracelet should look similar to mine-ish. Hope you liked this Instructable! If you did, please favorite, follow me, or both! If you didn't, PLEASE GIVE HONEST FEEDBACK SO THAT I COULD IMPROVE!!