Introduction: Rainbow Loom Fishtail

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-1 loom
-1 hook
-about 60 bands
-1 c/s clip

Step 2: Placing the First Band

First, take one bands and make a figure eight shape from one peg to another.

Step 3: Next Bands

Now place two more bands on top of the one you just put on!

Step 4: Hooking

Now, don't go inside of the peg but go outside and grab with you hook the very bottom bands and loop it forwards.

Step 5: Pattern

Now we can actually start the pattern! Just add one band on top of the two bands the are left and hook the very bottom band up and over! Keep doing that until you you think the bracelet is long enough!

Step 6: Finishing the Bracelet

Now add a c/s clip on both sides of the bracelet and now your done! Please comment down below and tell me how I can improve for the future steps!

Thank you and goodbye! :D