Introduction: Rainbow Loom Ladder Bracelet

Here I will be showing you how to make a ladder bracelet. Now this is an intermediate level bracelet so some of you may need some practic

Step 1: Get You Supplies

You'll need a loom, a hook, and some rubber bands

Step 2: Outline the Left Side

Step 3: Then Do the Right

Step 4: Once Your Done Skip a Peg and Place a Band Until You Reach the End of the Loom

Step 5: Once Your Done Line the Middle With Bands

Step 6: Turn Your Loom Around and Place a Cap Band on the First Peg

To make a cap band make a figure eight shape and and wrap it around itself

Step 7: Then Start Looping

Step 8: When You Done Do the Same Thing You Did in Step 4

Step 9: Then You Loop the Left Side

Step 10: Then the Right

Step 11: Now You Turn the Loom Around and Stick the Hook in the First Pin, Then Place a Band on the Hook and Pull Up,then Place the Band on the Fattest Part of the Hook

Step 12: Pull Off Then Connect a Single Chain Bracelet

Step 13: Thanks for Checking the Rainbow Loom Ladder Bracelet I Hope You Enjoyed It Subscribe in the Comments for More Bracelets

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