Introduction: Rainbow Loom Single

About: I’m getting a rainbow loom for my birthday and I would really appreciate if you guys made more tutorials
Today, I will teach you guys how to make the easiest rainbow loom bracelet- the single. This is probably more efficient then YouTube, so I hope you like it. Please comment and I will be so glad to answer your questions!

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable, you will need:

A loom
A hook
Some bands
A “c” or “s” clip.

Step 2: Putting Bands (part 1)

Make sure that the arrow is facing away from you. Next put a band from the first middle peg to the first right peg. Then place a band from the first right peg to the second middle peg.

Step 3: Putting Bands (part 2)

Continue the zigzag pattern all the way up the loom. Make sure each band is on top and under another, except the first and last .


This is an important step. Turn the loom around so then the arrow is facing you

Step 5: Looping

Ignore the first band.reach under and grab the first band. Loop it onto the peg across from the band you are holding. (Aka the peg with the other end)

Step 6: Looping (continued)

Loop all the way up the loom, like the picture.

Step 7: Clipping

Take your c or s clip and put it on the end of the loom. CAREFULLY pull it off of the loom and clip the other end on.

Step 8: Finished

TADA! Now you have an awesome single bracelet and I hoped this helped.

Thx for reading