Introduction: Soda Bottle Charm

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Step One:
First we will start with the bottom of the charm. For this you will need your drink color. You can use black, brown, or green for Mountain Dew. Look at the pics.... FOR THE FIRST BAND YOU WILL USE A SINGLE (this band will be your slip knot) For the rest you will use double bands like usual.

Step 1: The Label (Middle)

Now we will do the label part. I am doing Pepsi so I will use blue. (Don't worry about the logo part we will do that at the end.) Look at the pics.... Four bands on each row. Don't forget double bands!

Step 2: The Top!

Now for the top of the bottle. For this you will need your drink color bands again. Look at the pics... For the top you will need the color of the bottle. You can use white or clear bands. Look at the pics... Then one more pair of white bands going up in the middle. Ignore the blue bands!

Step 3: The Bottle Cap!

Now we only have to do the cap of the bottle. Use the color of your label. Use THREE bands this time and go up from the center once. Then just add a cap band on the last peg. Wrap it three times.

Step 4: Triangle Bands!

Now add triangle bands. Two drink color bands for the bottom. Three label color bands for the middle. One for the top. Look at the pics...

Step 5: Hooking Process!

Now just hook normally.... For the last single band, that is your slip knot. Hook it and pull one band over the other and pull. That makes a knot. Then take your soda bottle off the loom! (The last pic is a pic of the slip knot. Sorry it's not my best pic..)

Step 6: We're Done!!

Hope it wasn't too hard. There, you now have a soda bottle charm! (For the logo, just put your hook through the middle and find a place you want the logo. Then pull bands through and make a slip knot so it turns out like mine.) PLS comment and follow. :-) (I have a pic of real life soda bottles, this will give you ideas for making new charms:) PLS show me your pics of the charms I want to see them!