Introduction: Rainbow Loom Starburst

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This is a starburst this is not my own design however I am going to show you
The materials you are going to need are:
1 loom-I will be using the rainbow loom
Rubber bands
S or c clip

Step 1: Rainbow Loom Starburst

Here is the rainbow loom and hook I will be using! I am using a rainbow loom metal tipped hook

Step 2: Placing the Border

To place the border all you do is start from the middle peg and place one single band of you choice out to the left and another band out to the right then you just simply go up from there

Step 3: Placing the Rest

For this part you have to play a band on the second middle peg place it from that peg to the second left peg and then keep placing like that starting at that same second middle peg and go clockwise around the loom once you have finished that part place a cap band on the second middle peg

Step 4: Looping

Turn you loom around and add 1 cap band one the very first middle peg and remember that you have already turned the loom around and I don't know about you but I stretch my cap band so it is easier to loop then on mine it is black loop the black coward to the center then go inside the cap band that is on the second middle peg and get the first black band and loop it where it goes and that is pretty much it

Step 5: Adding Extintion

Ok so now we have our starburst on our hook but it is not long enough so we must now add an extinction to do this simply place single bands along the side of the loom and then place that white band that is on your starburst on the end and loop it like you would for a single! Take it off and connect the 2 ends with a s or a c clip