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Introduction: Rainbow Loom Tulip Tower

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This bracelet is a very easy design! It is, simple and cute!

Rainbow loom
Bands & C/S clip

Step 1: Placing the Bands

Turn you loom so that the arrow it pointing up. Grab your first band and place it from the bottom to the left, then the a band from the bottom to the top, then Bottom to right, grab another band and place it from the left peg to the center, and the right peg to the center. DO not do different steps!! Or the hooking process will not be right.

Step 2: Upward

Take another band and place it up. Then take another and place it across

Step 3: Continue

Continue those steps all the way up the loom.

Step 4: Cap Band

Place the cap band at the end. To make a cap band take one band and make a figure 8 and grab the other half and place it on that last peg.

Step 5: Hooking

Push all your bands down this will make it easier when you start hooking. Turn your loom around so the arrow is facing toward you. Grab the white band and place it up. Then grab the left side green and and place it to the center, and the right band to the center. Then grab the left blue band and place it to the side, then the right band to the side. Then the middle to the top. Then continue those steps all the way up the loom.

Step 6: End

Place you hook through your bands at the very end. Grab another same colored band and place it on you hook and pull it through ALL The bands on the peg, and place the other half on the hook. Then CAREFULLY pull your bracelet off the loom hold on tight be very gentle so no bands snap.

Step 7: Extension

Add extensions to your bracelet, keep adding it on until it is long enough. Then use a clip to hold it all together.

Step 8: FINISHED!!

You are finished your tulip tower! Please follow and like, also follow me on Instagram! Username: CinnCoCala08

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    thankyou cindy i made it it is really eady and yu know i tried to publish the same tulip tower and it worked out great plz felllows view mine too i am new to instructables


    8 years ago

    Your instructions are perfect, hope to see more from you! !


    8 years ago



    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is amazing and so cute thank you so much. You are very good at explaining

    what to do. :)


    8 years ago

    really cool like how you made picture collages:-)