Introduction: Rainbow Loom Waterfall (Triple Single) Bracelet

In this tutorial, you can use any loom you like such as Rainbow Loom or Cra-Z-Loom. This a beginner's level bracelet. If you want to, try connecting two looms to make the bracelet longer instead of having an extension which is the single chain bracelet. Have fun making this bracelet and enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies

For this bracelet, you will need:

  • Different coloured loom bands (One for the triangles and colours for the single chains)
  • An s clip or a c clip
  • A hook
  • A loom

Step 2: Placing Bands on Your Loom

Pick your colours and start placing the bands on the loom.

Make sure the red arrow on your Rainbow Loom is facing away from you. If you have any other loom, then make sure the open part on your pegs are facing away from you. Place all the single chain bands on the loom by going up to the top. They will be the colours which show the single chains. Now, place on the triangles upside down but miss out the first three pegs on the left, middle and right. You will now need to place on the triangles upside down. Try making the triangles a colour which goes with your chosen colours you have used in the single chains.

Now, your loom should have the bands placed on like the loom in the picture.

Step 3: Looping Your Bracelet

So now you have placed your bands on the loom, you are now ready to loop your bands.

Turn your loom and start with the arrow facing towards you. Take your hook and lift the first half of the band off the peg. Take the first half and place it on the peg with second half. For the rest of the bands, go inside the triangles, not outside! Do this for each peg until your loom has been looped the same as the one in the picture.

Step 4: Finishing Your Bracelet

Finish your bracelet by taking your hook and putting the two loops on the top left pegs to the middle peg. Do the same to the right peg.

Step 5: Removing the Bracelet

Stick your hook into all the loops on the top middle peg. Get your triangle coloured band and with your hook, which should be in those loops, you are going to hold the band on your hook and pull the band through those loops. Now you should have only two loops on your hook. Carefully pull the bracelet off the loom.

Step 6: Making an Extension

For this step, you can put an s or c clip on your bracelet or you can make an extension so it fits your wrist. There are two ways to make the extension. I will only show you the loom way. If you know how to make the single chain bracelet on the loom (with the cap band), you can skip this step and move on to the last step.

You will first need to have the red arrow facing away from you. Place the bands starting from either the left or right peg. You will not need to place all the way up the loom. I will only use eight bands. You will need to place them diagonally. After you have done that, put your bracelet on the last peg you have placed your band on with the two loops which are on your hook.

Step 7: Looping Your Extension

You should now have your bands placed on to your loom. Now it is time to loop.

Your bracelet should be on your last peg ready to be used as a cap band. Turn your loom around and go inside the cap band and lift the bottom band over the top. The rest have to be looped by taking the bottom band for each. It is the same as you have been doing for the three single chains.

Step 8: Ending Your Bracelet

Now that you have looped your extension, all you have left to do is put an s or c clip on to the loose ends of your bracelet. Remove your extension from the loom carefully.

When you have done this step, you are finished! Enjoy your bracelet!