Rainbow Loom Worm Bracelet on Hook

Introduction: Rainbow Loom Worm Bracelet on Hook

Hi! Today we'll make a Worm bracelet on a hook. You can use a crochet hook (like I did) or the hook that came with your loom. It's really simple and the loom is optional.

You need:

-Lots and lots of bands, like 100 or at least 50-60.

-A hook

-A work space where you can retrieve fallen bands quickly (because trust me, they WILL fall)

So let's get started.

Step 1: The 8 Band (Or the Cap Band)

Wrap a band twice around your hook. This will the be the start of your Wormy (as I like to call it) bracelet.

Step 2: Pull the 8!

Pull the cap band onto another band, like the picture.

Step 3: Contd.

So, you just keep pulling bands onto other bands until the chain comfortably fits your wrist. Make a slip knot and put an S-clip on the cap band for later.

Step 4: The Slightly Tedious Bit

This is a bit tedious, as you have to constantly put bands on like the picture, and some will fall off. You have to squish a lot on, so if you put the bracelet on, the single chain won't show.

Step 5: Ta Da!

Now, you have to grab the S-clip and put it on the end that is on the hook. And you're done! Show off your pretty Worm to your friends!

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