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Introduction: Rainbow Macrame Bracelet

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This was so fun project to work on, it's amazing to watch colors switching while knotting! You can make it for yourself or as a gift for your friend! It can be also made in one color, or in any combination that your heart desires <3

Give yourself a try and I hope you will have fun as much as I did! :D

Step 1: What You'll Need

Styrofoam board to use as your working board, 1 m wax string of 7 colors, tape measure, pins to secure strings while you are working, lighter, beads (optional) and scissors.

Step 2: Prepare for Knotting

Arrange your strings in rainbow colors and pin them on about 10 cm from the top. That point will be where your bracelet starts, and the extra of 10 cm we will use later for finishing.

Step 3: Double Half Hitch Knot

You will use only one type of macrame knots. It's called "Double half hitch knot" and it's basically just "Half hitch knot" repeated twice. For the fist one, orange cord will be your holding cord, and red cord will be your working cord. You make the knot by just holding holding cord straight down, pull red (working) cord bellow the orange, than above and pull through the loop. Tight it until it slides all the way up. Repeat twice. Start knotting from the left to the right. At this line red cord will always be your working cord, and other colors will be you holding cords.

Step 4: Continue With All Colors

Repeat steps with all the rest colors like you did with the red string. You will notice how it's forming diagonal and that will show you that you are doing it right! :)

Repeat all steps so far to your desirable length, I usually do 14 cm since that is my wrist size.

Step 5: Finishing

Do a diagonal "Duble half hitch knot" starting from the outer sides by having red and purple strings as your holding cords. Connect sides by having red string holding and purple working cord. Cut all the strings except red and burn them to hold in place. Repeat finishing step on the other side and connect two left over string with few "Square knots".

Now your bracelet is done, thank you for reading! <3

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