Introduction: Rainbow Momos

_ Momos is a popular street food in Northern parts of india. These are also known as "Dim Sum" and are dumplings made with flour and savory stuffing.
_ Stuffing can be made with mixed veggies, sea food, chicken or paneer ( cottage cheese). I used vegetable stuffing to make veg momos.
_ Dough for dumplings is made with All purpose flour. You can also use wheat flour.
_ Momos can be steamed or deep fried. I prefer steaming method.
_ I made Rainbow momos using three different food colours.


1) Ingredients for preparing stuffing :
_ Finely chopped garlic slices
_ Chopped ginger slices
_ Finely chopped cabbage
_ One grated carrot
_ Chopped capsicum
_ Finely chopped Coriander leaves
_ Salt as per taste
_ pepper powder
_ Half tablespoon soyasauce
_ Half tablespoon vinegar
_ Cooking oil

2) Ingredients for making dough:
_ All purpose flour (Half cup for each colour)
_ Food colours( green, yellow, orange)
_ Water as needed
_ Pinch of salt for each colour dough.

Step 1: Preparing Stuffing

_ Take little oil in a wok. When oil is heated add few chopped garlic slices and few chopped ginger slices.
_ Saute until raw smell of ginger leaves.

Step 2: Add Veggies

_ Add chopped green capsicum slices and cook for few seconds. Next add finely chopped cabbage and grated carrot.
_ Cook all the veggies for few minutes. Don't over cook them.

Step 3: Add Coriander Leaves and Spices

_ Add freshly chopped coriander leaves.
_ Add salt as per taste and little pepper powder.

Step 4: Add Soyasauce and Vinegar

_ Add half tablespoon Soyasauce and little white vinegar. Give a mix and switch off the stove
_ Colourful veggie stuffing for" Rainbow Momos" is ready.

Step 5: Preparing Coloured Dough

_ Now we need to make Coloured doughs.
_ First take 1/2 cup of All purpose flour in 2 bowls. ( To each bowl add half cup of All purpose flour)
_ To the first bowl add yellow food colour and to the 2 nd bowl add green food colour.

Step 6: Add Pinch of Salt

_ After adding food colours to the flour give a mix and add pinch of salt.

Step 7: Make Yellow Dough

_ First add little water to the flour in which we added yellow food colour. Knead and make a soft yellow dough.

Step 8: Make Green Dough

_ Similar way add water to the flour with green food colour and make a soft green dough.

Step 9: Green and Yellow Dough Is Ready

_ Green and yellow dough is ready.

Step 10: Make Orange Dough

_ After making yellow and green we need to make orange dough.
_ Take half cup of All purpose flour in bowl and add orange food colour.
_ Add pinch of salt and give a mix

Step 11: Add Water and Make a Soft Dough

- Add water and make soft orange dough.

Step 12: Three Colored Doughs Are Ready

_ Yellow, orange and green coloured doughs are ready.

Step 13: Allign Three Coloured Doughs

_ Take small portions of each coloured dough( yellow,orange and green)
_ Roll them and place side to side as shown in my images.
_ Join them by just pressing with hands.

Step 14: Flatten It

_ After joining them dust some flour on the surface and flatten it in to circle Shape using rolling pin.
_ We get flattened dough with three colours joined together.

Step 15: Place Filling in the Center

_ Place the prepared vegetable filling in the center of flattened three coloured dough .

Step 16: Pleating

_ Start pleating by bringing all edges together.

Step 17: Make All Momos

_ Repeat the same procedure with remaining portion of coloured doughs and make all momos.

Step 18: Steaming

_ Place the rainbow momos on a colander .Take some water in vessel and heat it .Place the colander on top and steam the momos for 20 minutes.

Step 19: Steamed Momos Are Ready

_ Steamed Rainbow momos are ready.Serve them hot.

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