Introduction: Rainbow Pinecone Spoon Light

Intro: This is a light that i have made. What inspired me to make this design is a pinecone as shown by the design. This is a multi coloured spoon celling light that is a fun but fiddly project that doesn't cost much. there are also many different colours with the light that I bought.


1. gather all of equipment. you will need this equipment:

hot glue gun
coloured light bulb (came with IR remote)
sand paper (not necessary)
centre punch
scissors or wire cutters
Phillips head screw driver

2. gather the material. you will need these materials:

2L bottle (keep the lid)
5 packets of 20 spoons
double sided tape
hot glue sticks 
a string of feathers
light globe
light fitting

3. Remove the sticker, clean the bottle and cut the bottom of the bottle off
4. Use the centre punch to punch a hole in the centre of the lid so the wire can fit through there and lightly sand the hole. I also took the seal off that sits under the lid.
5. Then line the bottle with double sided sticky tape with even spaces in between so it's easier to glue and hold the spoons on.
6. I then heated the spoons up and cut them leaving a little bit of the stick on, so it would be easier to stick on the bottle. I cut the heated the spoons up sot they didn't snap and get rough edges, if they do get rough edges you can just sand them.
7. I repeated this for all of the spoons.
8. I then stuck the spoons on without glueing them to see where they need to be positioned.
9. After that I glued each individual spoon on the bottle.
10. After completing the rows I decided to put the light in.
11. I disassembled the light fitting and put the wire through the bottom of the bottle and through the lid.
12. I then reassembled the light fitting and screwed the light bulb on.
13. I then continued to glue the spoons on until I couldn't complete any more rows.
14. I then decided to glue these feathers on to cover the top row.

I hoped you enjoy making this light. it is a great and beautiful light to make and it's fairly easy.