Introduction: Rainbow Shoes

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It all started when I got a pair of plain white shoes and an idea. Then there was nothing stoping me from painting these shoes rainbow.
Things you'll need:
·plain white shoes
·acrylic paint in the colors of the rainbow
·paint brushes of each color
·note cards
·mod pog or some type of sealer
·masking tape, duct tape, or painters tape

Step 1: Mark It Off

With your pencil lightly mark line along your shoe where you want the colors to blend. Make sure their equal on both shoes.

Step 2: Tape It Up !!

Now you want to tape off the sole of the shoe to protect it. The masking tape didn't stick to the sole very well so i used duct tape. I recommend *NOT* using duct tape because the glue is very sticky and may leave a sticky residue on the sole. In other words use painter's or masking tape.

Step 3: It's Time to Paint

Ok now start at the tip of the shoe with the color red or whatever color you want to start with. Lightly shade over the line with the red over into the orange. Then paint the orange and blend it with the red at the line untill all the white part is covered and is well blended. Now you will want to lightly shade over into the yellow with the orange. Blend and paint it yellow untill you get close to the line. Then you will lightly shade over into the green. Repeat this pattern untill you reach the heel of the shoe. I recommend to paint one shoe at a time and letting them dry overnight. After there are dry coat them with your sealer of your choice.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Because of all the paint I opened my mom made my go out side because it gave her a headache. But all was not lost because in the different lighting I could see some places that I missed. I painted the other shoe outside in the heat of the day in the state of Texas. And for doing so the glue from the duck tape stuck onto the sole and left a sticky residue. I tried to rub it off but that really didn't help. And what also didn't help was going to march at summer band practice in these shoes. I ended up getting dirt all over the sole, which was pretty bad. I should have powered the soles with baby powder to make it less sticky.♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

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