Rainbow Solar Box Cooker

Introduction: Rainbow Solar Box Cooker

The finished solar Box Cooker looks like this picture upside down. The instructables uploader turns it upside down.


1. Handmade Solar Box Cooker.

2. 9 rolls of duct tape in rainbow colors.

3. Scissors

Step 1: Rainbow an Undecorated Cardboard Box Solar Cooker

Begin with a simple solar box cooker (directions to make one will be added).

Step 2: Line Up Your Rainbow of Duct Tape.

Line up all the colors of duct tape you plan to use in the order you will apply them to the box.

Step 3: Apply Tape the Length of the Side of the Box

Apply the tape first to all the sides of the box.

Then tape the lid and reflector straight up.

Note: a more skilled taper could create a rainbow shape on the curved reflector. Not my skill level.

Step 4: Take It Outside and Cook in It.

After all the tape is nicely applied take the box cooker outside in the sun and cook in it!

Step 5: Bonus Step: Box Assembly Pictures Later.

The materials will be 2 cardboard boxes of different sizes, insulation, silver duct tape, a screen frame and an opened oven turkey bag.

It will cook at about 300F.

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