Rainbow Stitching (paper Embroidery)




Introduction: Rainbow Stitching (paper Embroidery)

Faitmain-Faitcoeur : Handmade-Heartmade / Done with my hands from the bottom of my heart!


- Sheet of thick paper (bristol, for example)
- Sewing needle (as thin as possible)
- Compass,
- Sewing threads.

Step 1:

Draw a 12 cm line (make a mark at the middle).

With the compass set to 6 cm, trace crosses by positioning the nail on the 3 marks (0cm - 6cm - 12cm).

Step 2:

From these two crosses and passing through the 6cm mark, draw two other12 cm lines.

Step 3:

Close the 3 triangles. You obtain and "atomic" design.

Step 4:

On all segments, make a mark every 0.4 cm.

Place the sheet on a folded towel and puncture marks with the needle.
I advise you to use a thimble or to put a bandage on your finger!

Step 5:

Choose a gradient of 9 rainbow colors.
You will need 80 cm of each color.

Step 6:

Start with the top right triangle.
Number the line segment from 1 to 16 and the left from A to O.

With the green anise thread link: 2A - B3 - 4C - D5 - 6E - F7 - 8G - H9 - 10I - J11 - 12K - L13 - 14M - N15 - 16O

Step 7:

Go on with the space between the two triangles at the top.
The right segment is already from A to O. Number the left segment from 1 to 15.

With the yellow thread link : A1 - 2B - L3 - 4D - E5 - 6F - G7 - 8H - I9 - 10J - K11 - 12L - M13 - 14 N - O15

Step 8:

No knot for starting or finishing, but a piece of tape.
Tip: At the end of each section tighten the thread and block with a piece of tape (do not tight too much, the paper must remain flat and the thread easily cut the paper!).

Step 9:

Continue with the 7 other colors.
To help you to locate the color you can color the back of your bristol (mirror order!).

If you want to duplicate several times the pattern (greeting cards), follow the steps on a classic paper until the step 4. Place the sheet on the final paper and re-pin the holes.

Take a look at my craft website and my online shop.

Step 10:

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    5 years ago

    Curious instructable! :-) Good luck with the contest!


    6 years ago

    Its really simple if you look at it in a geometric perspective


    Reply 6 years ago

    This is the impressive effect of string art. It's more easy and faster to create it on paper than on wood with nails ;-)

    Simran Sharma
    Simran Sharma

    Reply 6 years ago

    Ok I will see.


    6 years ago

    Nice ! thnx for sharing.