Introduction: Rainbow Supreme Sandwich

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I think everyone loves food that tastes good, but sometimes people overlook the way food looks. I love food to not only taste amazing but to also look fun and interesting. In this recipe, I sought out to make a sandwich that tastes good, is pretty healthy, and looks really cool. I present to you, The Rainbow Supreme! This sandwich is a giant sandwich packed with layers of colorful vegetables. The vegetables are sandwiched inside a rustic loaf of sourdough ciabatta which I am in the process of writing a recipe for right now(stay tuned I plan on posting it by 9/18/2020). Beneath the vegetables is a caramelized onion spread that completes the flavor profile perfectly. This recipe does take a little time to complete, however, you can make the spread in advance as it takes the majority of the time to make.


- Ciabatta Bread, two medium loaves or one very large one

This is the most important ingredient in this sandwich so having the best ciabatta you can find will make the sandwich better.

For the Spread:

- 2 Shallots or 1 large Onion

- 2 medium beets

- 1 cup mayo*

- 1 tablespoons mustard

- 2 scant tablespoons honey

For the Final Sandwich:

- 2 tomatoes

- 3 carrots

- 1 yellow pepper

- 1 zucchini

- Spring lettuce

- 1-2 Ripe Avocados

- sliced cheese (optional addition that I did not include in the original version)

*This recipe can be made vegan very easily by swapping out the mayo for vegenaise, and you can also use brown sugar in place of the honey if you wish.

Step 1: Roast the Beets

Preheat your oven to 450F. Beets will take the longest of everything to cook so we will put them in first. Start by peeling the beets and then slicing them into small cubes. Next, toss them with oil, salt, and pepper, you don't need to really measure here it doesn't need to be perfect. Roast for 40-45 minutes or until the beets are tender enough can easily pierce them with a fork. Set a timer so you don't forget as you should move forth onto the next steps while they roast.

Step 2: Sauté the Onions

Start by peeling the skin off of the shallots or other onions. Next, put a cast iron skillet on low with about a tablespoon of butter in it. While it melts, slice the onions into thin rings. Transfer the onions to the skillet and increase the heat to medium-low. Saute for 20-30 minutes until the onions are evenly browned. Make sure to keep stirring every few minutes until they are done while following the next steps.

Step 3: Roast the Peppers and Zucchini

While the onions saute and the beets roast, begin slicing the pepper and zucchini. Slice the pepper into thin long slices. Slice the zucchini in half and then cut it into thin strips. Transfer the pepper to a baking sheet, and then drizzle with olive oil and add a pinch of salt and pepper. Toss gently to coat them with oil and then roast for 5 minutes. While they roast, coat the zucchini is oil, salt, and pepper in a small bowl. After the 5 minutes is up, pull the sheet out, stir the peppers around, push them to one side and add the zucchini to the tray. Now is probably a good time to stir the beets as well. Roast the pepper and zucchini for 15 more minutes, after about 8 minutes, use a spatula to flip the vegetables.

Step 4: Prepare the Carrots

While all the vegetables finish up, wash and peel the carrots. Then use a shredder to shred the carrots, many fod\od processors come with a shredder, however, you can also use a hand grater if you don't have an electric shredder. Set aside until assembly.

Step 5: Make the Caramelized Onion Beet Spread

Now you will make the spread to go on the sandwich. You should make this spread as soon as both the beets and onions are cool enough to touch but not cold. Measure out 1 cup of mayo and place it into a food processor, after that add 1 tbsp mustard and 2 scant tbsps of honey. Then add the beets and onions to the food processor. Process until the mixture has no more large clumps, then add a large pinch of salt, pepper and garlic powder. Blend or another minute until the mixture is mostly smooth, add more spices to taste.

Step 6: Prepare Avocado, Tomato and Lettuce

The last thing you must do before making the sandwiches is preparing the other raw ingredients. First, you need to slice and avocado and remove the skin. Then slice it into very thin slices and set aside for a moment. Next thinly slice two medium tomatoes or one very large one. Lastly, if you need to, wash and dry some green leaf lettuce. Set these ingredients aside momentarily.

Step 7: Slice Your Bread

Hopefully, you made your own bread, however, if you didn't you'll likely still need to slice it. This isn't super hard if you simply take your time. Slice the bread with a serrated bread knife crosswise rather than lengthwise the way most bread is cut. Use your palm to apply pressure to the top of the loaf so it is stable as you cut. You should be left with a top and bottom piece for each loaf.

Step 8: Layer It Up

Now all the ingredients have been prepared, all you must do is layer each ingredient onto the bread. To do this, start with the onion-beet spread, and scoop 2-4 tablespoons onto your bottom piece of bread. Next layer over it with avocado slices so that they cover the entire surface, you can also gently press them down with a fork to prevent sliding. Next layer on green leaf lettuce followed by the grilled green zucchini and yellow peppers. Finally, cover the sandwiches with shredded carrots and lastly layer on the sliced tomatoes. Place the tops of the ciabatta loaves onto the sandwiches.

Step 9: Slice and Serve

That's it! Your sandwiches are complete and ready to be served. If you aren't ready to eat them right away and you can wrap them up and refrigerate them for later. I hope you enjoyed this recipe!

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