Introduction: Rainbow Swirl Cake

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This cake is easy to make and fun to eat- perfect for birthdays or any colorful celebration. Frosted simply with white butterceram and decorated with rainbow non pereils your guests will have no idea what is in store for them when they cut into this cake.

• yellow or white cake batter, divided
• gel food dye (I use Americolor)
• buttercream frosting

Step 1: Rainbow Swirl Cake Step 1

Prepare your cake batter as you normally would and divide into however many sections that you would like. I used a boxed yellow cake mix for this particular cake.

Step 2: Rainbow Swirl Cake Step 2

Use food dye to color your cake batter. If you use gel or paste then you will only need 1 drop per section for a brilliant, deep color. I used 6 colors for this cake. The possibilities are endless!

Drop your batter into the pan(s) one color at a time and bake as you normally would. You can give the batter a little swirl with the tip of a knife if desired but it isn't necessary.

Step 3: Rainbow Swirl Cake Step 3

After baking and cooling remove your cake(s) and frost simply with a white buttercream. Decorate with mini and jumbo rainbow non pereils.

Creating rainbow food is fun because it brings out the kid in everyone. Boys and girls alike would love cutting into this surprise cake. As I said if you use gel food coloring you just need a tiny drop to achieve a deep, brilliant color. If you like rainbow food you may also like these Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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