Rainbow Toast

Introduction: Rainbow Toast

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Have you ever just wanted to eat a rainbow, well I haven't either. But if you have this is the breakfast for you. With a few simple Ingredients you can have a mystical looking piece of toast, I hope you enjoy

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I am making an announcement that if I get 40 followers I will select one random and they get a prize. The prize is a free 3 month no strings attached pro membership to instructables . All you have to do is follow me!

Step 2: Ingredients

1. Milk
2. Rainbow food coloring colors
3. White bread
4. Shot glasses
5. Paint brush

Step 3: Colors

In Order to "die" the toast get a shot glass for each color. Fill it 3/4 of the way up, then put one or two drops of each color separately and mix.

Step 4: Painting

Now to use the dye take the brush and dab on layers. I chose not to cover the entire piece to have a a test piece. Add all of the colors and move on

Step 5: Toasting

Now place your toaster on a medium setting and slide in the bread. Once toasted it's ready to enjoy!

Step 6: Conclusion

Over all the toast was really good. Surprisingly the color wasn't burnt out or the bread got soggy. Some may thing the toast will have a after taste but it doesn't. Since I used coconut milk it had a coco nutty twinge, it still taste good. Remember if you liked this instructable check out my others. Please like follow me and vote for me. You could win a prize

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    4 years ago

    Original idea, good luck for the contest! :-)