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Introduction: Rainbow Wood Turned Box

About: I love working with wood. I make bandsaw boxes and just lately ive got a lathe and now enjoy woodturning.

In this project which will be donated to charity i will be resin inlaying the colour's of the rainbow and woodturning into a lidded box with a rainbow finial.

I have added the video for you to refer to for more information.

Items used in this project

1) Amazing casting resin

2) Alumilite dyes

3) Measure cup, stir sticks, gloves

4) 3" x 5" block wood

5) lathe

6) Turning tools

7) Sand sealer

8) Yorkshire grit

9) Wax finish

10) Drill

11) Drill bits

12) Sandpaper 120,180,240 grit

13) Micromesh sanding pads.

14) plastic polish.

Step 1: Prepairing the Wood Blank

1) Using the drill and a mix of drill sizes, i drilled 5 to 6 holes around 1 inch deep into one side.

Time to start the resin inlay

2) I mix the resin, divide and add alumilite dyes a range of colours. i waited 24 hours for resin to cure. Over the next four day i repeat this process. (all resins mix differently follow the instructions for yours)

Step 2: Wood Turning Blank

1) I put the blank on the lathe between centres and turn to round.

2) I put a male tenon on one end and turned this end around on the lathe and placed in the chuck.

3) I was then able to do the recess for tenon on the bottom of the box. i then put this end on the chuck so i can start the lid.

Step 3: The Lid

1) I used a 10mm drill bit on the lathe and drill an inch hole in lid end. (This will be where i attach the finial.)

2) Turn and shape the lid, i then sanded to 240 and i then used sand sealer, yorkshire grit and wax to finish.

3) Once complete i parted the lid off this is put aside for now.

Step 4: Hollow Out Box

1) I made a recess for the lid and test fitted this.

2) I now hollowed out the center until the side was about 1/4 inch thick.

3) After sanding, I then again used sand sealer, yorkshire grit and wax this part is now complete.

Step 5: Outside of Box

1) Now to sand Stating 120 and going up to 240

2) Again sand sealer, yorkshire grit and wax to a shine.

Step 6: Finial and Finish.

1) In a small measure pot i did layers of rainbow colors with resin.

2) I mounted this on the lathe between centers and then made a little finial.

3) I sanded to 400 then used micromesh pads and finished with plastic polish.

All done thank you for viewing my project, i hope you enjoyed. :-)

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    4 years ago

    That is very pretty!