Introduction: Rainbow Clock

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I totally believe in recycling....and while doing it I like to make gifts and teach my kids how you can make really nice things with things you throw the environment....and save money by making things you can use and gift to others!
Some would say it's cheaper to buy than go through all the effort...perhaps...but you sure wouldn't help the environment!
Here is a clock using recycled items and gifted to a friend.

Step 1: Things You Need

12 Popsicle sticks
1 clock movement from an old clock or bought
hard foam board ( I found this from an old election campaign sign) or anything hard but can be cut with a scissor
1ply plywood (had this around my moms house)
fabric or acrylic colors
wall filler ( optional)

Step 2:

Color the Popsicle sticks the colors you want (I wanted rainbow colors). Align them to the wall and mark a line with the ruler.
This is to determine how much you want out of the circle to paste the numbers.

Step 3: The Numbers

I cut 2" diameter circles from a foam board.... you need really strong scissors for this! Draw the numbers with a pencil.
I then tried coloring it with acrylics...but the color wouldn't stay as the foam had some washable layer on it, I was wondering what to do when I got the idea to try acrylic wall filler!
The kids and I coated the negative space with the filler...we gave it texture by lifting it with our fingers. After it dried we painted it with the acrylic colors.

Step 4: Clock Face.

I drew a circle in the plywood and cut it out with a jig saw ( you can use a fret saw too).
I then painted it white. Later I used a protractor and divided the circle in to exact 12 parts ( you can use this time to show your child how a full circle is 360 degrees and how you can get equal potions by dividing it in 12. (just a small input :-))
draw the lines and make small markings on the sides so you can trace light marks on the right side and don't spoil the front.
drill a hole ( you can use a large nail if you don't have a drill.

Step 5: Glue the Sticks

lightly dab glue on the line in the right side of the clock and past the sure that the line you marked on the sticks are aligned with the edge of the circle.
to hang it i drilled a bottle lid ( you can also do this by heating a nail and moving it to the shape you want in the lid.
I then hot glued it just above where the clock mechanism box would be ( the lid should be the same or slightly larger in height to the box...else you cant hang it)

Step 6: Fix the Numbers

Now all you have to do is fix the numbers.... get your hot glue and glue away!!
Add the clock movement and your done!!

Step 7: More Clocks Made As Gifts Using Left Overs!

1. made with buttons and barbecue sticks!
2 .the flower clock is with wood and felt

Step 8: Personalized Lego Clock

Here i added some cheap Lego and puzzle pieces and some of my son's broken car wheels...( if you have would find some broken cars :-))
Cut the names and numbers out of stickers and stuck them on the clock!

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