Introduction: Rainbow Daisy

Another project to reuse plastic bottles. A elegant lightsource for floor or table. Upgrade your waste into wonders of delight.

Step 1: The Things You Need

2 large 3 liter plastic bottles (detergent), It would be nice if the cap has the right size to hold the socket.
1 small 1 liter bottle
detergent globe
a GU10 socket ( I had an old ceiling spot lying round)
a multicolor led lamp
electric wire, plug and switch
16 tie-wraps

normal scissors
multi purpose scissor
revolver rod

Step 2: Create Petals

Cut 6 petals out of each big bottle. Two big ones along the bottom of the front side, two big ones along the bottom of the back side and 2 smaller ones from front and backside under the handle.The smaller bottle is used to cut two more petals more or less the same size as the smaller ones from the big bottle.
take notice: the bottom and top from one of the big bottles is used for the flower base.

Step 3: The Flower Base

Cut a circle from the bottom of one of the big bottles. Cut a hole in the middle as large as the neck of the bottle. It should be too small for the cap!
Stab small holes with the revolver rod for the tie-wraps. Its a regular pattern 8 pairs of holes on an inner circle and 8 pairs on an outer circle. Start with holes at top, bottom, left and right side ( 12,3,6,9, oclock). Then put in the holes inbetween.
Do the same along the other circle, but arrange the pairs of holes in open spaces ( alternate).
Punch corresponding holes in the petals and attach with tie-wraps. * smaller leaves on the inner circle and 8 big leaves on the outer circle

Step 4: Attach the Socket

Drill a hole in the cap. My socket has a protruding bit witch fitted neatly to hold the socket in place. I experimented with a elastic band round the socket to fill the small gap between socket and cap. It worked fine. The socket doesn't generate too much heat. Later I discovered the elastic band was not necessary.

Put the rim of the bottle inside the flower. The neck protrudes the circle flowerbase. Screw the cap on.

Step 5: Insert the Light

Put the lamp in the socket. I used a led light that changes its color automatically. I discovered that a detergent ball could be placed over the light to hide the direct leds, and spread the light.


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