Introduction: Rainbow Eyes

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This is one the many looks i have created i hope you like it as much as i do. It'e pretty simple to do and you can change up the colors if you wish to.

Step 1: Prime

Use white eye shadow primer on your eye lids.

Step 2: Start on Inner Lid

use a nice bright yellow on the inner corners of your lids.

Step 3: Next Is the Outter Lid

use a medium shade of purple eye shadow one the outter half the eye lid.

Step 4: Next Is the Below the Brow

fill below the brow and above the lid with a light to medium shade of pink eye shadow.

Step 5: Below the Eye

line under your eye with a medium shade of green eye shadow.

Step 6: Now Add I Eyeliner

next use a teal green liquid eyeliner to line your top and bottom lids.

Step 7: Finally Add Mascara

lastly add your fave mascara to top and bottom lids can add false lashes if desired...

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