Introduction: Raindrop in the Garden Bracelet

- 1 square filigree
- 1 7-strand clasp
- 1 bee stamping
- 1 machine cut drop
- 1 bail
- 1 oval jump ring
- 35 inches of beaded chain, 4mm beads, divided into fourteen 7-bead sections
- 1 head pin
- 1 flat spacer

- Chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- Eurotool hole punch, 1.8mm or 1.25mm

Click Here for printable tutorial

NOTE: These directions are for a 7 inch bracelet. If you wish your bracelet to be longer or shorter you may wish to make your beaded chain sections longer or shorter. You can size the bracelet by completing one row of beaded chain, all the way across, and attaching the bracelet to your wrist.

Step 1: Attach Beaded Chain to Filigree and Clasp

Open the end link on a section of the beaded chain. Attach it to the end loop on one side of the clasp. Attach the other end of the chain section to a space in the filigree square, close to the edge as shown. Repeat, to attach 7 sections fo the chain to the filigree square. After you have attached one side of the filigree square to one side of the clasp, separate the clasp into two pieces and repeat the attachments on the other side of the filigree square. Pay close attention so that the clasp is positioned correctly.

Step 2: Hole Punch Bee and Attach to Filigree

Using the hole punch, create a hole in the thorax of the bee. Feed the spacer bead onto the head pin and feed the head pin through the back of the filigree and through the back of the bee so that the head pin emerges from the hole in the thorax. Bend the head pin to 90 degrees and trim to half an inch. Using your round nose pliers create a loop in the head pin to secure the bee to the filigree.

Step 3: Attach Machine Drop

Fit the bail onto the machine cut drop and tighten with your chain nose pliers or fingers. Using the jump ring attach the bail to the loop atop the bee.