Introduction: Rainforest Candy Ecosystem

This is fun and easy to make and your kids can make this for school projects. Doesn't need a lot of items. Easy 9 steps and takes 2 or 3 hours too finish depending on how old you are and how fast you work on things plus it includes candy!!!


Items needed to make the ecosystem

-15 gummy bears -8 shark gummies -4 to 5 rock candies -fake trees -rocks

-brown play-dough

-coffee bits

-maple flavored granola broken into small bits and pieces -5 pieces of white blank paper - brown paint and green paint -green gummies -paint brush

-few frogs

-2 or 3 butterflies

-a tiger

-some wood decor it is optional

-hot glue gun and hot glue sticks


-green paper

Step 1: Painting the Carbored

Ok first hot glue the paper on the Carbored then paint 🎨 it with the brown paint

Step 2: Putting the Rocks on the Carbored to Make the Falls

First put hot glue on the rocks then line it up and when u get to the bottom try to make a circle it doesn't have to be perfect. Make sure to make it a little bit wonky so it doesn't seem perfect.

Step 3: Adding the Green Paper and Making the Tree

Ok first make sure you leave quarter of the space to add some other stuff. adding maple flavored granola broken into small bits and pieces After you do that place the green paper make sure to stick it with hot glue. Lastly how to make the tree, first make the play dough flat then put the green rock candy or the brown rock candy on the play dough but put the would part and then roll it up and make it smooth on the sides, there you go out got your self a candy tree and also feel free to add some fake trees it's optional.

Step 4: How to Make the Swam

Add some rocks around where I placed my first tree make all wonky and not a perfect circle and add some rocks on top of each other

Step 5: Melting the Candy for the Falls and the Swamp

First melt the blue candy for 15 seconds in the microwave then pour it in the space you have left and let become hard .Then melt the green gummies for 15 seconds and pour it into the swamp.

Step 6: Painting the Background Green

Paint the background green make sure to fill in the small areas where its not covered up with green and I added a brown tree beside the falls I took it off since it was covering the way just saying this if your wondering why I took it off

Step 7: Hot Glueing the Animals and Adding the Decor

As you can I see I didn't alot of animals but you can add more than me if you or paper animal , I just added some butterflies , few frogs and a tiger but please feel free to add more animals. I just added some decor around the places that I thought needed more stuff you can add decor if you want it's optional.

Step 8: Adding the Coffee Bites and the Maple Flavored Granola Pieces

Add the coffee bites and the maple flavored granola pieces in the space you saved for the bites and the maple flavored granola pieces. Also make sure to add some small rocks

Step 9: Its All Done

There you go it's all done it's cool and amazing and this will be fun to make and you won't regret it.
Tips and tricks
1. Make sure to always look at the candy when it the microwave is melting because sometimes the melted candy can come out
2.use a cup of something like what I use so it can be easier for our to put the melted candy
3. Use gloves and make sure a adult is with you if your using a hot glue gun so you don't burn yourself
4.use a utensil like a fork or spoon to get out the melted candy if there is some left in the cup or bowl

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