Rainwater Tank Twin Pickle Barrels




Introduction: Rainwater Tank Twin Pickle Barrels

My 400 litre rainwater tank was well and truly rusted away.

Step 1: Floor Required

The angle iron and square pipe frame had to have a floor. I found some trashed roadside guards and cut them to the length required and fitted them into the top frame.

Step 2: Fittings

I purchased two bulkhead fittings for the bottoms of both barrels, and used down pipe fitting at the top. Both top and bottom of the barrels can equalise as the rain falls, or as I extract water for my fish ponds.

Step 3: A Look at the Fittings

This is how the fitting were put into the barrels. The equaliser made from black irrigation pipe has a tap fitted by way of a T joint and a short piece of garden hose pipe.

Step 4: Completed

The two barrels were light enough to be easily lifted by one man and placed onto the frame. The finished job only cost around $100.00 AUD. It works really well. Thanks for the help I got from other similar Instructables, and thanks for looking.

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    5 years ago

    I have left out the method I used to allow the rainwater to enter and yet keep insects out. I cut a series of 50mm holes in the top and fitted it into the barrel. I then placed some mouse mesh over that. and then some nylon insect mesh over the mouse mesh. and the replaced the lid screw top.