Rainy Light Set

Introduction: Rainy Light Set

It's a rainy light set made of wire, glue, and cotton. Doing it by yourself is easy. It could be a night light also table lamp.

Step 1: Shape

Find different kinds of wires, and use the thick one to make a frame shape. Also, use the hot gun to join every angle place.

Step 2: Frame Detail

use thin wire to twice the frame again and again.

Step 3: Nut

use glue to make a net. It can look like the rain drop off the ground. Also, it can be a frozen ice.

Step 4: Make a Cloud

use wire to make a could shape and use cotton cover it. After that put cloud above the wire box.

Step 5: Lampshade:finish

Step 6: Compose Lampshade and Holder Together

use wire to make a holder to connect the lampshade and pedestal together.

Step 7: Table Lamp&night Light

the LED twine around the surface.

Two ways to use this light set.

table lamp&night light

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    4 years ago

    That's a cute lamp. :) I wonder if you could use acrylic sheets for the walls lit with LED to add some lightning?