Introduction: Raised Bed With Expedit Bookshelves for Storage

I created underbed storage using Ikea Expedit Bookshelves. This is a super easy project with no sawing needed. And surprisingly, the bed is completely stable. Since I already had a bed and frame, it cost about $400.

Parts needed:

Optional items:

  • Ikea Lekman boxes ($12 each; 8 fit in each bookcase; I only put 8 Lekman boxes in the bookcase at the foot of the bed; Ikea has many storage options for the Expedit Bookcases)
  • 3 X Mat Shelf Liners sized at least 15.5" X 59" ($5-8 each)

Tools needed:

  • Drill
  • Philips screwdriver

Step 1: Build the Expedit Bookshelves

Build the Expedit Bookshelves as Ikea instructs. Place them spaced evenly on the floor as shown.

Step 2: Install Cross Braces

On the two end-unit bookshelves, drill and screw in the Ikea Observator 39" Cross Brace as shown. This will keep the bed from swaying left to right. Just with one cross brace, the bed was stable. I added a second one to be careful.

I chose to install the cross brace at the foot of the bed on the inside (under the frame) so that it would not interfere with reaching storage from the outside. At the head of the bed (touching the wall), I installed the cross brace on the outside so that it would not interfere with reaching the storage under the bed.

Step 3: Place Frame & Bed on Top

In order to protect the shelves from scratches and provide some grip, consider placing a mat liner at least 15.5" X 59" on top of them (mine are 16" X 62", so I had to cut a few inches off the end).

Then place the bed frame or 80" X 58 5/8" sheet of wood on top of that. For this project, I lined up 4 narrower sheets of 80" X 14 5/8" wood.

That's It

Because the bed is around 3 1/2 feet high, kids and those under 5'10" will need a chair or stool to climb into it. But if you need the storage, this provides lots of organized space.

See my original article on the Ikea Expedit Bookshelf Bed.