Raised Beds From Reclaimed Recycled Plastic Lumber

Introduction: Raised Beds From Reclaimed Recycled Plastic Lumber

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There are many advantages to planting vegetables in a raised bed. One of them is that it allows you to more carefully control the content of the soil and soil amendments that you place in the box.

Step 1: Assembling the Box

To make these boxes, I used recycled plastic lumber that was reclaimed from another project. I constructed the boxes to be eight feet by three feet. To prevent them from bowing out in the middle, I installed a cross bar.

The metal pieces I used to assemble the boxes were corner braces and flat braces that I found in the deck building section of the hardware store. I used galvanized screws to hold them together so the screws won't rust. The plastic lumber has a long life so I expect the boxes to last for many years. They have already been out in sunlight and all weather in another yard for eight years with no obvious wear.

You can make the boxes one, two, or three boards high depending on what you are going to plant and how far down you want to bend while weeding.

Step 2: Filling the Box

Fill the box with soil, compost, sand, or other amendments as needed for the plants you are growing.

Step 3: Plant Your Box

Plant your seeds or plants and enjoy some fresh vegetables!

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    3 years ago

    Between £300-£600 for plastic or £250 MAX for railway sleepers and you can cut them anyway you want . Plastic you cannot cut more than 50% into the length and you cannot cut length ways.
    That's my personal experiance of it.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job. It makes it much easier to weed. Thanks for sharing.