Introduction: Raised Garden Beds

These are raised garden beds, they are 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 1 foot high. They come with 4 inch seats on all sides, they have supports underneath the seat to prevent cracking. It is recommended to use weather proof stainless steel screws. Recommended level of novice-intermmediate.



-2 - 2in x 10in x 12ft (Wood preference is up to you, I used fir)

-3 - 2in x 4in x 12ft boards (Wood preference is up to you, I used fir)

(Wood can be modified to whatever you prefer)

3 inch deck screws weather proof

Cordless Drill W/Drill bit

Handheld Mitre Saw

Orbital Sander

Step 1: Cutting

First you are going to take your 2" x 10"s and cut 4 feet off of each, then your going to cut the excess of each down to 8 feet.

Second you need to take your 2" x 4"s and cut off 4 feet off of two of them, then you are going to cut down the same 2 2" x 4"s and cut the rest down to 8 feet.

Third you are going to cut up the remaining 2" x 4" into 10 sections of 14 inches.

Step 2: Assembly

Screw the 2" x 10" into the 2" x 4" so that the 2" x 4" is on the inside. Use one screw abt 1/4 down from the top, and use one screw 1/4 up from the bottom. Then repeat on the other side, you will end up with two L' shapes. Screw them together so they make a box. Next take the supports and screw them in, I recommend using two screws one on each side for the supports, one can work but it won't be as stable. Two supports on each corner and one in the center on each side. Lastly the seat this where the pre cut 2" x 4"s come into play. You want to screw the 8 foots in first then finish with the four feet.

Step 3: Finish

Last you can do pretty much anything you want. I would recommend some final sanding which I did as well just to give it just the right look. I would not recommend stain because if you grow vegetables it can leach into them and make them not safe to eat. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and hope you try it yourself I would love to see your attempts!!

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